The First Short-Term Rental Brokerage

Revedy gives investors an edge by providing tools and insights for better short-term rental investing. We’ve launched Revedy Realty to provide the next level of service and support to our investors.


To create the first vertically-integrated end to end solution for short term rental investors: identify, evaluate, acquire, manage, optimize.


As this asset class grows from its current $1.2T valuation to $5T in the next 10 years, Revedy Realty will be where both retail and professional investors go to source and dispose of STRs through our in-house network of agents and online marketplace.

The Benefits of Revedy

Revedy Brand

Revedy is trusted by investors, lenders, VRMs, and various other established companies in the short-term rental industry, which will help to quickly establish Revedy Realty as the real estate experts in the space.

Lead Generation – Retail

We have partnerships with both VRMs and investor networks to manage all their retail buyer leads. We have developed co-branded marketing as well as an internal process to source, underwrite and acquire on behalf of the buyer.

Lead Generation – Large Portfolio Investors / Funds

We are cultivating a pipeline of portfolio and sub-institutional investors who need to deploy large amounts of capital in the STR space. Our integrated fund account management team will work hand-in-hand with our acquisition teams within Revedy Realty.

Marketing Support

Revedy Realty will receive marketing support from Revedy, including support in managing physical design, marketing materials, listing templates, etc.

Reporting and Analytical Support

Revedy Realty will also receive special access to the Revedy core data set and reports.

Preferred Partner Network

Revedy has relationships, special pricing and/or referral agreements with over a dozen key suppliers and partners across the lifecycle. Revedy Realty can leverage these partnerships and even share in the commission on referrals.

Additional Product Commissions

Revedy offers a number of products that agents sell to earn additional commission revenue for themselvs and the brokerage.

Join Revedy Realty

Specialize in short-term rental real estate to tap into a growing, highly profitable client base