Advisory Services

With our diverse capabilities and best-in-class expertise, Revedy is able to add value across the entire investment lifecycle.

Investment-Grade Underwriting

We manually underwrite STR performance using actual data (not estimates) from fully optimized investment assets and industry-leading team sector experience.

Acquisition Services

Our experienced advisors identify properties that not only fit your buy box, but also have strong financials. We’ll submit an offer, negotiate the terms and guide you through the escrow process.

Portfolio Construction

Our acquisition team employs a systematic process for portfolio scale acquisitions that leverages our local partners, pipeline of off-market opportunities, expert buying strategy and creative financing to build portfolios quickly and efficiently.

Asset Optimization

We transform high potential homes into high-performing hospitality businesses using sector IP to strategically optimize design, marketing and distribution to yield maximum returns.

LTR to STR Conversions

We help experienced investors with every step of an LTR to STR conversion, Ffrom identifying a property’s STR potential to creating a high-performing guest experience and pairing with the best VRM. 

Benchmarking / Portfolio Monitoring

We provide comprehensive reporting and performance benchmarking on the asset and portfolio level.

Active Asset Management

We partner with local market leading vacation rental managers to actively manage performance and provide remediation gameplans for underperforming assets.


We leverage our data and expertise to create remediation plans for underperforming assets.

Regulatory Monitoring / Risk Analysis

We actively monitor STR regulations, industry trends and macroeconomic shifts to assess and manage risk.

Strategic Disposition

We provide advisory and transactional services to identify and monetize higher performing assets at the right time.

Maximize your STR investments with Revedy

As the leading experts in the STR market, we understand every nuance of finding, acquiring and operating vacation rentals like a true investment-grade asset.