STR Insights for Real Estate Professionals

With Revedy, real estate agents and brokers are able to quickly identify and quantify investment opportunities and enter all key considerations to generate a true bottom-line earning number along with key calculations such as CAP Rates and Cash-on-Cash conversions.

Brokers and agents across the country use Revedy to help their clients:

  • UIdentify the right market to invest in
  • Understand STR regulations for a market or asset
  • Get access to exclusive opportunities
  • Evaluate the STR potential of new properties
  • Benchmark the performance of current STRs
  • Access Preferred Partners in the STR industry
  • Match with the right vacation rental manager

Provide expert third-party advice to buyers on STR revenue expectations

Revedy is the STR industry’s leading third-party underwriter of eligible STR properties. As a broker, you can access listings that are underwritten as eligible STRS.

Provide expert third-party advice to buyers on STR revenue expectations

Use the property analysis in our Certified Underwrite to support and educate your buyers or to market your listings to short-term rental investors

Win more listings and earn higher sale prices by positioning properties as STRs

Win more listings by providing expertise on the listing’s value as a short-term rental, based on underwritten revenue expectations.

Real estate professionals use Revedy investment-grade underwrites to:

Market current listings to an investor audience

Get third-party STR performance projections

Differentiate themselves from other realtors