Our Approach

What is Investment Grade?

While short-term rentals have been around for decades, the industry is highly fragmented and has yet to reach its full potential as an investment asset class.

Most industry data captures the entire market, including underperforming assets (such as those managed by  inexperienced operators or second-homes that are only available a portion of the year).

Because we serve professional investors, Revedy focuses our research and analysis on STRs operating as fully-optimized investments.

These “Investment Grade” properties represent the true performance potential of the asset class.

Key Investment Grade Criteria

Full-time investment property (not second home)

Professionally-managed for operational excellence

4-star+ guest ratings

High occupancy for asset type

Dynamic revenue management

Multi-channel distribution

Design and amenities fully-optimized for budget tier


Compliant with all state and local regulations

How many Investment Grade properties are there?


All Active STRs


Professionally Managed STRs


Investment Grade STRS

Maximize your STR investments with Revedy

As the leading experts in the STR market, we understand every nuance of finding, acquiring and operating vacation rentals like a true investment-grade asset.