We are living in uncharted territory. The length and depth of the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic is not yet known. The impact to the travel industry is tremendous. But consider the following points. 

This time will pass, and when it does, travel will come back stronger. Folks will be desperate to get out of their houses and hometowns. They will go on vacation again, although where and how they travel will change. Vacationers will want to stay closer to home and most likely will avoid international travel for the time being. This will result in an increase in demand and revenue for vacation homes in drive-to markets outside of large cities. We believe that vacation homes in the right markets will be rented more than ever before.

Housing prices are starting to fall. Vacation rental home buyers are hesitant, and current vacation rental homeowners are looking to sell. This transition will result in a buyers market and create opportunities for those buyers who are ready to invest in a vacation rental home. 

At rêvedy, we are excited about the short-term rental housing market now more than ever. With an expected increase in demand around the corner and housing prices dropping, the opportunity is clear. Now is a great time to buy a vacation home as an investment and/or as a place to enjoy. Rêvedy is here to ensure you buy the right home in the right market.

Revedy makes your dream a smart decision. Our team of vacation rental experts and real estate consultants help buyers and sellers navigate the sales process in vacation rental markets nationwide. We leverage our proprietary tools to analyze market data and support our investors in making informed decisions. If you are considering investing in a vacation home or have any questions, please call us at (503) 908-5225 or email inquiry@revedyhome.com