What is True Data™ ?

Revedy empowers investors to make smarter decisions by providing True Data from high-performing investment assets.

The Problem: Flawed Data

The STR market is maturing, yet the data is flawed

Current data underrepresents a property’s highest earning potential

High-performing and professionally managed properties are missing from current data sets or are mixed in without differentiation

Current data sources are limited

Majority of data is scraped and filled with assumptions, and/or simply limited to specific asset types/markets

Current data lacks transparency

Scraped data is difficult to link to a specific address, property-level data is non-existent, and “markets” are arbitrary and usually broader than zip code 

The Solution: True Data

The STR market is maturing, yet the data is flawed

Data from high-performing investment assets

Predict true yields, occupancy, and ADR at both the market and asset level.

Actuals analyzed from trusted sources

Data is directly sourced from actual rental history and then analyzed for its true investment potential.

Only provider with tiered data

Data is classified into tiers, increasing confidence and accuracy.

Don’t Estimate. Underwrite.

Use our True Data to:

Find and evaluate short-term rental properties

Identify opportunities to optimize current listings

Get visibility into the short-term rental market

Get started analyzing short-term rental properties with Revedy HomeMatch